koji kishita氏 写真展へ寄せて

 この度の展示会では遠州織物の世界観を広げてくださる「中田島砂丘2017 遠州織物のある風景写真展」を是非にとオファーさせて頂き、快くお引き受け下り実現の運びとなりました。ご来場頂いた皆様に遠州の自然を感じながら、遠州織物に触れていただければ幸いです。
最後に、この度の展示会にあたって写真データを手間を惜しまずご用意くださり、そして展示しやすいように整えてくださったkoji kishita氏に心より御礼申し上げます。
                                     DM.Sae 代表 水野さえ子
In Hamamatsu, there is the climate which is full of natural environment giving off bright 彩 in the living of people seasonally.
 All the blue of brightness and the sky and the sea of the sunlight to light up pansy, them which are in full glory before a kumquat, a cherry tree growing on the garden in a winter season is particularly the dazzling natural environments that there was not of what I feel in Kushiro, Hokkaido where I was born and raised.
 And I remind me of "a sandy beach" of Enshu where a strong, dry wind blows to from the textile which is rustic (rude - sweat) which a craftsman is particular, and finishes weaving the four seasons of Enshu from a striped pattern of various Enshu textiles which I continue touching, e.g., that "Enshu cotton pongee" even when every day.

 As for me who flashed in the charm that I just cut "彩 of Enshu" out of a photograph of Kishita in 2016, and charms you, wish will do the photography of the image photograph of DM.Sae. And I laugh when the photography place begins to think that it is an interesting episode to have suggested "middle Tajima dune" all together at two same time.
 Of the descent realization that  offers "the scenery photo exhibition with 2017 middle Tajima dune Enshu textiles" widening the view of the world of the Enshu textile by this exhibition by all means and is pleasant, and to take progressed. I am happy while feeling nature of Enshu for all of you who had you arrive if you can touch the Enshu textile.
Finally I express sincere appreciation for Mr. koji kishita which I fixed I do not regret trouble and prepare for photograph data in this exhibition and to be easy to display it.
                                DM.Sae representative  Saeko Mizuno